New Sub-Advisor Agreement

    Smith Capital Investors is pleased to announce the launch of a Core Plus ETF sub-advisory relationship with SS&C ALPS Advisors. This ETF is similar to the Total Return mutual fund strategy, offering an alternative vehicle for those who prefer ETFs...

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The Great Debate

We recently conducted a Bull vs. Bear exercise for credit to help inform our positioning and battle any psychological biases that we might have with regard to the current portfolios.

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Smith Capital Investors 5×5

We extend a warm welcome to our latest 5x5 write-up, a compilation designed to shed light on the five elements of the market that have captivated our attention, as well as five key focal points that are central to our discussions.

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Smith Capital Investors Celebrating Five Years

    Dear Friends, We marked the fifth year of our journey as a firm earlier this year. We also commemorated the fifth anniversary of the ALPS | Smith Total Return fund this June. We celebrate both and our partnership with you. Reflecting on the past, we take...

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Jerome Powell In Jackson Hole

  Jerome Powell in Jackson Hole   The much-awaited speech from Jerome Powell was a bit of a sleeper. We perceive that Chair Powell intended to convey a well-balanced message, and from our vantage point, he largely succeeded in achieving this objective....

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Celebrating 5 Years of Service

    Our mailing address is: Smith Capital Investors 1430 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202 303-597-5555 833-577-6484   The opinions and views expressed are as of the date published and are subject...

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Thought Leadership