Analyzing CPI: Insights, Trends, and Market Dynamics

First quarter inflation prints came in broadly hotter than expected, causing markets to materially reprice expectations for Fed cuts in 2024 from close to six to around two. April CPI showed hints of moderation from this trend, and the recent stickier inflation meant...

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Fed Limbo: How Low Can Fed Funds Really Go?

The market narrative surrounding the timing and extent of Fed rate cuts continues to be dynamic as expectations shift with incoming data. The latest CPI data, which came in broadly hotter than anticipated, led to a swift market repricing, seeing expectations of Fed...

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Keeping the Show on the Road

Bottom-up company fundamental analysis and individual security selection are at the core of generating risk-adjusted returns at Smith Capital Investors, but our active management process would not be complete without overlaying our blended top-down macroeconomic views...

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Thought Leadership