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Dear Friends,

We marked the fifth year of our journey as a firm earlier this year. We also commemorated the fifth anniversary of the ALPS | Smith Total Return fund this June. We celebrate both and our partnership with you.

Reflecting on the past, we take immense pride in the performance we’ve achieved since our inception. Looking ahead, our commitment remains steadfast in delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns while prioritizing preservation of capital. These core tenets have served our investors well over the years and remain our focus.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to those who entrusted their assets to us from our early days. Your trust has transformed our vision for this firm into reality and paved the way for future growth. Today, we manage more than $3 billion in total assets under management and are grateful for the opportunity in front of us.

While we cherish our historical successes, we recognize that true success lies in our ability to perform in the future. This is underpinned by our disciplined approach and a culture of collaboration, which are the cornerstones of our firm.

From the outset, we pledged to proactively lower fees as our firm grew, enabling our investors to share in our growth. With this, I am pleased to announce that, in partnership with ALPS/SS&C, we are reducing the total expense ratio on the ALPS | Smith Total Return Fund by 5 basis points, bringing the I-share fee to 59 bps. This follows the reduction we made on July 1, 2021.

These steps underscore our commitment to aligning with our clients and growing together.

I also wanted to draw your attention to the ALPS filing of a Core Plus ETF with the SEC. Smith Capital Investors will be the sub-advisor. This ETF is similar to the Total Return mutual fund strategy, offering an alternative vehicle for those who prefer ETFs over Mutual Funds. This is an exciting new opportunity for the firm and our investors. Stay tuned for further updates.

In addition to the total expense ratio reduction and the filing of the ETF, we’ve expanded our team with exceptional individuals who share our vision. Collaborating with ALPS, we welcome Dan Reams and Chris Butts, bolstering our business development efforts alongside Danny Pantano-Schwab. These individuals work directly with our co-heads of Business Development – Mike Scherer and Ryan Duffy. Additionally, Marcus Manly and Jake Jones join our investment team, further enhancing our credit coverage under the guidance of Jonathan Aal and Garrett Olson. We expect additional hires as time passes and our growth accelerates. Our team – in collaboration with ALPS – registers 21 individuals today, growing from the original six founding team members. We feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by talented individuals who share in the vision and mission of the firm.

As we continue to build on the foundations of the firm, we’re humbled by the interest shown in our business and the relationships we’ve made. We’re committed to building a firm that better serves you and your needs. Please guide us as your partner on how we can better serve you.

With deep gratitude, I thank all those who have been part of our journey, especially those entrusting us with their assets. Your trust fuels our passion and propels us forward.

Warm regards,



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